Sauza 901 Silver Tequila 750ml


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Sauza 901 Silver Tequila

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Sauza 901 Silver Tequila

Sauza 901 Silver Tequila is a collaboration. But not, as one might at first expect, a collaboration between distiller's. This is one that has its roots in pop music with Justin Timberlake (cue screaming fans.... Ok that's enough).

The story goes that JT's interest and passion for tequila grew after a road trip to Jalisco, Mexico. He was swept up, awed by the craftsmanship, culture and tradition that goes into cultivating fine tequila then apparently formed the idea that he could achieve greater connection with his fans by uniting the passion he hled for the craft and patient dedication that goes into each bottle of premium tequila, whilst also finding a way to tell his own story. He felt that creating his own brand of tequila would help him to connect in a way that embodied his own hardworking, creative and laid-back lifestyle and in 2009 901 was launched. JT's own brand of exquisitely smooth, premium tequila. The name chosen because 9.01 was also the hour at which day gives way to night and things start to get ....'interesting' .

Later, JT turned to Sauza Tequila as a means to better share and connect and soon the two 'tequila' icons of Sauza and 901 melded together, their joint mission to change the way people think about premium tequila.

Ladies & Gentlemen we bring you Sauza 901 A co-branded absolutely one of a kind spirit, ultra premium, ultra smooth tequila.
You may not be a swooning JT fan, (or want to explore a connection with him) however on the other hand, if you are keen to explore tequila, pray read on;
Sauza 901 has no less than 140 years of tequila making know how, this combined with input by one of the greatest creators of our time (cu....ut!) and by using a distilling process that is totally, awesomely unique, aims to be a cut above the rest.

Its creation begins with carefully selected and prepared blue weber agave which arrives at the distillery washed and prepared ready to be inspected. if it passes this 1st inspection it is cooked slowly in stainless steel ovens for 12 hours, fermented under temperature controlled conditions for a further 72, carefully monitored throughout. Only when perfect does the lengthy triple distillation process begin.

Once that is complete a coal-activated filtration process follows before it is 'staged'. You might imagine that staging would involve JT himself popping along to perform, but staging is where the spirit waits to undergo a further set of inspections; checked by Sauza 901's quality control team as well as by the Tequila Regulatory Council. Only if it meets very precise standards will it be bottled.

I was sceptical. But the experience tells me this is not simply a celebrity endorsement. I can honestly say that Souza 901 has achieved what it sets out to be, a premium and distinctive, ultra smooth luxury tequila.

So incredibly smooth, like silk it drapes its liquid deliciousness around the tongue. The taste is light spice, smokey and vegetal with a smooth warm and lingering finish that will have you reaching again for the bottle.

Check out their website for cocktail recipes. A neat little app asks a series of questions before presenting you with your perfect cocktail.