Sam Adams Cinder Bock 22oz


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Sam Adams Cinder Bock

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Samuel Adams Cinder Bock, What style exactly, is Cinder Bock?  This is one of the newest additions to Samuel Adam's Single Batch Collections...and it's a mighty fine brew, despite not fitting neatly into any one style category.

Sniff fast to enjoy the peaty, smoke smell while the bubbly head is active. Smells of sweet malt, molasses, resinous and tea-like hops roll forward. A light whiff of bourbon and snuffed campfire lingers throughout.  The flavors are all familiar, yet unique in their combination.
It's malty, hoppy, smoky, nutty, malty (again), peaty, sweet and a bit boozy. What's unusual is, that despite its ever-present smokiness, all of the other flavors emerge independently and are easily noticed. It may be a tad overly brown sugar sweet, but that's the nature of a Doppelbock. On the other hand, it's a bit hoppy for a Rauch. I can live with all that, being that Cinder Bock is a style unto itself.

ABV: 9.4%