Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon


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Russell's Reserve Single Barrell Bourbon

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon is matured in the deepest No. 4 alligator char barrels.

Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell has told in numerous interview that Russell’s Reserve Bourbon is what he drinks for pleasure most regularly. This is a pleasurable Bourbon indeed and quite friendly to cocktails.

A warming elixir with the a balance of sweet nuttiness, sugar cane, hints of cinnamon and some oak. Russell’s Reserve has some thickness on the mouthfeel rounded by the sweetness. The very smooth and approachable nature becomes a good friend to the palette and will keep you pouring.

COLOR: Coppery red
AROMA: Vanilla, nuts, and brown sugar with notes of oak and cinnamon
TASTE: Spicy, bold, and deeply complex with creamy toffee, licorice, and vanilla
FINISH: Sweet spice and malty notes