Reyka Vodka 750ml


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Reyka Small Batch Vodka Hand Crafted In Iceland

Reyka Vodka

Reyka Vodka is made with glacial water that scientist's have declared impurity free. That makes Reyka one of the most mixable cleanest vodkas available.

Face it, you want a vodka that will mix with your cocktail and be clean and smooth, that's Reyka Vodka. Enjoy Responsibly! Make an icy glass shot.

Step into the ethereal landscape of a Nordic fairy tale where otherworldly elements come to life. Reyka Vodka is your elixir for this mythical journey. Distilled in small batches using geothermal energy, this Icelandic vodka captures the purity of its origins.

Notes of soft vanilla and a delicate, crisp finish transport you to a land of enchantment and folklore with every sip.