Remy Martin XO 750ml


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Rémy Martin XO Cognac

Rémy Martin XO Cognac

Rémy Martin XO Excellence is a pleasure. Supremely rich, opulent, mellow. A truly fine champagne cognac it has exceptional ageing potential and is made with 85% Grande Champagne and 15% Petite Champagne; grapes from the most sought after vineyards of Cognac.

It is a fiery deep mahogany color with a nose that is incredibly fruity; juicy plums, dried fruits and peels, sweet meadow honey, sun ripened and warmed grapes and oven fresh pastries topped with grated cinnamon and candied oranges all deliciously combined with the floral notes of white jasmine and iris, and laced through delicate hints of hazelnuts.

It has a velvety smooth texture. A warm palate that is bountiful with the rich fruit harvest, it delivers everything within its aroma. It is spicy, you taste those 'just out of the oven' pastries, sun-ripened grapes, juice-laden plums and ripe figs with rich marmalade orange peel.

The finish is long with an alcohol,burn, more spices, dried fruit and citrus peel.