Re:Find Handcrafted Vodka 750


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Re:Find Handcrafted Vodka

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Re:Find Handcrafted Vodka


Distilled from Premium Wine Grapes

The majority of vodka is derived from potatoes or grain because they are inexpensive commodities and they grow in a substantially wider range of climates than premium wine grapes, not because they are the best ingredients to use. Re:Find Distillery has the luxury of starting with a premium base fruit, ripe red-wine grapes, which affords us the ability to craft superior spirits. Just like any artisanal product, quality begins with the ingredients used.

One distinct benefit of vodka derived from ripe, red-wine grapes is the compound glycerol. Glycerol forms the 'legs' on a wine glass and has a sweet quality and opulent mouth-feel that gives our vodka a uniquely smooth, soft characteristic.