Rayu Maguey Ensamble de Maguey Mezcal


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Rayu Maguey Ensamble de Maguey Mezcal Joven

Discover an elixir that can transform your evening into a truly magical experience. Rayu Maguey Ensamble de Maguey Joven Mezcal offers a unique blend of carefully handpicked agave species including Madrecuishe and Jabali, which take 15 to 18 years to reach peak maturity, and Espadin, which matures in just 7 years.

This combination creates a flavor profile as complex and enchanting as a fateful night at a grand ball. The artisanal craftsmanship of milling the agave with mallets and distilling it twice in copper stills ensures that every sip is smooth and full-bodied. Experience a touch of enchantment with the open-air pine wood vat fermentation, which gives this mezcal an authentic, woody aroma. Produced in the mystical state of Oaxaca, this mezcal captures the very essence of the land itself, providing an authentic, magical experience in every bottle.


A mezcal with a big personality, crystalline color and aromas of citrus, minerals, and earth, with fresh herbal notes.