Raymond LVE Chardonnay 750ml


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Raymond LVE Chardonnay

Raymond LVE Chardonnay

Raymond LVE Chardonnay is fruit forward and balanced with the smells of honeydew melon, toasted hazelnut, and creme brulee. It has a seductive and rich texture on the palate. The flavors of this wine are vanilla creme and toasty oak that are balanced with a few baking spices and the creamy, rounded mouthfeel leads to a vibrant finish. There are foods that really should be served with this Chardonnay. They include mild, buttery, or creamy dishes, meaty fish (halibut, cod), shellfish (lobster, shrimp, crab, and scallops), and subtly flavored poultry and pork dishes. You can also serve this wine with dishes that are easy to make like baked fish or poultry with butter and herbs and dishes that have a silky texture like risottos, and cream enhanced soups, sauces, and pasta. If you need to serve a vegetable with this wine, sweet vegetables like corn, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes will go super with this wine. Lastly, foods that are caramelized from roasting or grilling like crisp-skinned roast chicken should really be served with this wine.These foods should be really served with this wine because they pair well with them. If you do serve them with this wine, your meal will be a wondrous experience.