Pyrat 1623 Rum Cask 750ml


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Pyrat Cask 1623 Caribbean Aged Rum

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Pyrat Cask 1623 Caribbean Aged Rum

It's name originates from the Old English spelling of Pirate, Pyrat 1623 Rum Cask lives up to its heritage, the experience an adventurous voyage across the sun-drenched Caribbean seas.

Handsomely presented in a walnux box. Behind the hinged door Pyrat 1623 Rum Cask rests in a hand-blown and cork-stoppered glass bottle.

It is created from a secretive blend of nine Caribbean pot-still rums and contains rums that even before this blending have been aging for more than four decades.

Once blended it is aged further, resting inside hand-selected imported French Limousine and Toasted American sweet oak barrels. These precious casks bestow upon their content a complexity and intense flavor profile.

Burnished copper-bronze and syrupy the aroma is extraordinary. Tropical fruits, coated with molasses, brandied orange and toasted apricots.

Luxuriant and smooth in the mouth its flavor is as decadently rich and as strikingly intense as the nose. Yet it remains surprisingly gentle. Sweet marmalade orange and apricots dominate. They are alluringly laced with exotic spices, tobacco, wood and vanilla.

The finish is elongated, voluptuous and smooth. Oak spices and tobacco held together with its captivating honeyed orange sweetness.