Pussers British Navy 15y 750ml


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Pusser’s 15 Year True Aged Rum

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Pusser’s 15 Year True Aged Rum

Hand-crafted in small batches Pusser’s 15 Year True Aged Rum is a multi award winner that is truly coveted amongst rum lovers. It may be British, but it hasn't got that 'stiff upper lip'

It’s a blend of carefully chosen rums heavily influenced by the importance of having come from from 100 year old wooden stills in Guyana and Trinidad a true ‘navy rum’.

Each rum is painstakingly selected, chosen for hits characteristics to create a rum that is all you would wish for… perfectly balanced and flavorful, deep, mellow, and deliciously smooth.

This blend is then aged for 15 long years, stored in Oak casks over time naturally enriching their contents.

Let your senses guide you as you enjoy Pussers British Navy. It is rich, clear and full bodied, a delightfully decadent deep chestnut mahogany. Neat or on the rocks, the fragrance released is complex; the sweetness of caramel and molasses, dried fruits and spices. As you sip, the mouth-feel is velvet. Dark brown sugar, dried sultanas, and rich molasses and caramel flavors coat your tongue. Layers of clove, vanilla, cassia, nutmeg and oak follow, leathery, smokey, smooth and lingering.

It's perfect for cocktails too - why not try a Rum Rusty Nail?

Simply combine 2 oz of Pusser's British Navy 15 year old, with ½oz Drambuie in an old-fashioned glass adding lots of ice befoe giving it a slow stir.