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Purity Vodka

In the world of vodka marketing, purity = profits. There are many dozens of brands available (many of which are very successful) which make often quite obscure claims about using particularly pure water, multiple distillations, and filtration through anything from charcoal to diamonds in order to lure customers into thinking they have achieved that holy grail of vodka success.  It is not without a touch of cynicism therefore that we learn of a vodka going one step further an even naming itself ‘Purity’.  Although distilled a huge 34 times from winter wheat and barley, this vodka from Seweden does stand out for not using charcoal (or allegedly any other filtration) filtering. Using a copper pot still, it is claimed that only 10% of the distillate makes the cut, which is then blended with a mix of deionised water, mineral-rich water and column-distilled wheat spirit. That last bit sounds intriguing, but the producers are strangely tight-lipped about what it actually means.

Nose: Smooth and creamy upfront, with just a hint of bell pepper and grass in the background. Neutral, but also rounded in profile with a hint of sweetness and not a whisper of sharpness.

Neat: Sweet on the entrance (so much so that you would be forgiven for asking if sugar has been added) with the rounded mouthfeel this generates being replaced by a pleasant oiliness on the mid-palate which lingers onto the finish.  As suggested by the nose, flavours of cream and vanilla combine with the merest hint of pepper, almond and grass to create a vodka that is in fact more complex than might have been expected.  The finish ramps up the spice and adds a dash of citrus for good measure.  Whilst the word purity conjured images of neutrality, there is in fact a little character to this vodka.  The flavours are indeed ‘pure-tasting’ but not entirely at the expense of interest for the palate; this is an excellent example of a ‘plain’ vodka.

Winter wheat and barley conjure freshly baked bread; the bright, citrus top note is fresh and invigorating; with hints of vanilla lingering on the palate.

Crisp citrus and vanilla greet your nose; a slight peppery note and freshly baked bread follow.

A flavorful mélange of bread, vanilla and citrus are noticeable from the first sip. A smooth, burn-less aftertaste invites a repeat performance.