Pure Peru Pisco Acholado 750ml


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Pure Peru Pisco Acholado

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Pure Peru Pisco Acholado

Premium, hand crafted and bold! It’s not tequila… it’s Pisco! And it’s finally making its mark here in the US. This exciting high proof spirit is produced in the beautiful Valley of Huaral, located North of Lima, Peru using the finest Italia, Torontel and Quebranta grapes distilled to perfection in San Lorenzo. Pisco Acholado has been held as a rich Peruvian tradition for centuries because of its smooth sophisticated nature it can be appreciated as a relaxing night cap or as a delightful celebratory cocktail for all.

Not your everyday liquor, Pisco, is best used to spice up your average cocktails. It’s unique and rare to most who aren’t from South America and will capture you or your guest’s interests once tasted. This exquisite liquor can be mixed in a variety of cocktails from the crowd pleasing, #1 drink of Peru, Pisco Sour to our personal favorite, Peruvian Mule. Host a brunch to remember with our Pisco Punch or Passion Fruit Pisco recipes. Whatever you choose you will be impressed!

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