Pure Peru Moscato 750ml


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Pure Peru Moscato

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Pure Peru Moscato

A delectable Moscato brought to you from the Valley of Huaral, Peru. Grown on a beautiful vineyard high in elevation, far away from the city pollutants, creating a crisp and clean grape which is processed with a vintage hand cranked style system. 4th generation winemaker with Italian-Peruvian roots, Jose Ugarelli, delivers wonderfully crafted wines for your enjoyment.

Exported to the US for the 1st time, Pure Peru brings to you a Moscato that’s higher in alcohol content then the average Moscato. This sweet and refreshingly light wine romances your taste buds and adds a smile to your lips. An intoxicating floral aroma leads you into the peach-pear flavors. Enjoy chilled paired with a summer salad, peach cobbler or a lemon poppy cake. Arsenic free. pH 5.2%