Pure Peru Malbec 750ml


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Pure Peru Malbec

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Pure Peru Malbec

Peru’s best kept secret is this rare handcrafted artisan Malbec which comes to the US for the first time from Peru’s, Valley of Huaral, where the vineyard stands on high elevation far away from any city pollutants. With Peruvian-Italian roots this 4th generation wine maker, Jose Ugarelli, delivers a clean and vintage style wine, processed by hand with minimal new age technology.

Called the “Gran Tinto” of San Lorenzo this full bodied Malbec/Tannat grape blend captures a sweet and succulent aroma with lush blackberry and plum notes. The bold flavor and a velvety-smooth, rich finish pairs well with a juicy, char-grilled steak or tender prime rib. Arsenic free. pH 4.4%