Pure Peru Borgona 750ml


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Pure Peru Borgoña

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Pure Peru Borgoña

4 generations of wine making, bring to you this unique light-medium body red wine made with the vitis labrusca (concord grape) which is specific to the Americas and grown in a higher elevation region of Peru’s, Valley of Huaral. A beautiful vineyard hidden far away from the city pollutants, then processed by hand to deliver a clean and vintage style wine.

With its vibrant rosy red color and sweet earthy musk, this wine is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Dancing on your palate with notes of juicy red berries and a light peppery second note, finishing velvety smooth. Many locals enjoy this red slightly chilled and you can make this into an excellent Sangria! No matter how it’s served you will always come back for more! Pairs well with almost anything. Enjoy with a smoky seafood Paella, roasted pork or braised veal. Try with a little semi-sweet dark chocolate after your meal for an extra treat! Arsenic free. pH 5.4%