Prairie Organic Vodka 750ml


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Prairie Organic Vodka

Prairie Certified Organic Crafted Vodka

The mere thought of organic vodka makes one quickly shake their head. Organic and the consumption of liquor are not often heard in the same sentence much less thought of as a quality fun filled evening. Don’t be so quick to write it off. Prairie Organic Vodka has worked hard on this one and by the looks of it, they have managed to pull this one right pass the USDA and the rest of the gang. That’s what you call talent and Prairie Organic Vodka had it and more here:

Nose: light and pleasant medicinal scent that is actually inviting, quickly fades into a slight green melon

Palate: Smooth, Crisp Spring Water, slight hint of honeydew melons and pear,

Finish: smooth and clean with an almost instant fade

Overall, makes for a great sipper/shot vodka and an even greater mixer. The Prairie Organic Vodka stands back to back with the premier Vodkas in taste, aroma and finish.

Go easy on this one with the subtle nature on the palate, it is far too easy to finish a shot and quickly take another.