Port Brew WipeOut IPA 22oz


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Port Brewing WipeOut IPA

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Port Brewing WipeOut IPA

This one is dedicated to everyone who has gotten up at the butt crack of dawn, headed towards the shores and found it 4-6 feet and offshore only to find 30 of your “buddies” have already claimed the peak.
As you paddle out, a swell arrives from nowhere signaling your turn to go. The surf Gods are shinning on you today.
You turn, stroke like mad for the wave. Standing up you are alone and blammo you Wipeout….blowing the only chance of a right hander all to yourself.
You know who you are. We’ve all been there too. It’s inside each and every one of us.
Welcome to the waters of Wipeout IPA, a massively hopped India Pale Ale with enough substance and body to overcome even the worst and most tragic of on the water spills.
We brew Wipeout IPA for everyone- especially those hardy souls who brave the cold winter water and monster sets produced by an amazing northwest swell.
Only a tidal wave of hops can overcome the surging tide of malt that is required to produce a beer of this shape. We invite you to drop in, hang on and kick out the backside.
That is, unless you enjoy wiping out and all the glory that goes with it.

Malts – Two Row, Wheat, Carapils and English Crystal Malts
Hops – Amarillo, Centennial and Simcoe
Yeast – White Labs’ California Ale

Original Gravity – 1.064
Terminal Gravity – 1.008
ABV – 7.0%

Beeradvocate = 91
ratebeer = 99