Port Brew Old Viscosity 22oz


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Port Brew Old Viscosity

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Port Brew Old Viscosity Ale

Old Viscosity

American Dark Strong Ale

“Not your Dad’s Wimpy 30 Weight is how our original label used to describe this massive chewy and thick beer.

Code named by our brewers-”The Big Black Nasty,” this is monstrous dark ale is brewed to no particular style. Thick and sludgy like oil from the crankcase of a wheat threshing combine, Old Viscosity blurs the boundaries of Porter, Stout, Old Ale and Barleywines.

A blended beer that mixes old and new brewing traditions into one finished beer, Old Viscosity starts out with 80% of the packaged beer produced from a stainless steel fermentation.

It then joins another 20% Old Viscosity (from a previous batch) that has been aging in bourbon barrels.

The blend of the two beers yields an incredibly rich and luscious ale that reveals chocolate and cocoa notes melded to silky body of burnt wood, vanilla and ash.

Malts – Two Row, Wheat, Domestic and English Crystal, Carafa III and Chocolate Malts
Hops – German Magnum
Yeast – White Labs California Ale and Proprietary Yeast Strains

Original Gravity – 1.092
Terminal Gravity – 1.014
ABV – 10.5%