Port Brew Midnight Expression


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Port Brew Midnight Expression

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Port Brewing Midnight Expression Lager 22oz

Black Lager

(formerly Midnight Sessions)

Midnight Expression

It’s not often that a great swell coincides with a full moon. But when they collide, nature affords us a rare opportunity to paddle out long after everyone has called it a day.

These moments are a solitary pursuit with empty lineups. But those who carve graceful lines under a full moon understand how things can be dark, lonely and rewarding at the same time.

So next time you paddle in from an overcrowded beach break, remember that nothing tastes better than a cold beer after a session.

We suggest a roasty black lager for contemplating empty lineups and waves that go on for days. Most likely you’ll long for epic summer swells under moon lit sessions, opening the doors to isolation and empty secret spots on an age trying to pass us by…

Original Gravity – 1.052

ABV – 5.5%

Availability – Early Winter