Port Brew Hot Rocks Lager 22oz


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Port Brew Hot Rocks Lager

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Port Brewing Hot Rocks Lager

Dark Stein Lager

Made in the German “Stein Bier” tradition, this smooth, robust dark lager is brewed with the addition of glowing hot granite to the kettle.

The addition of these Hot Rocks results in a vigorous “super boil” of sorts that caramelizes the sugars in the wort lending toffee, smoky caramel flavors to the beer that wouldn’t present themselves in a normal boil.

The color is a deep, ruby brown with streak of red and the aroma an incredibly inviting one of dark caramel, chocolate and toffee.

The flavor is a robust dark lager with layer upon layer of caramel sweetness with just enough hopiness and malt to prevent it from being cloying. The finish is sweet with toffee and cocoa notes and a faint dryness.

Hops – German Magnum and Tettnanger
Body – Medium with a silky and near robust mouth feel

Original Gravity – 1.062
ABV – 6.2%