Polly's Casks Scotch Whisky


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Polly's Casks Double Barrel Aged Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Polly's Casks Double Barrel Aged Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Polly’s Casks involves whiskey barrels that have previously been used by the brewery to age batches of their Double Double Barrel Ale. The brewery shipped those barrels off to Scotland, where they rested with a single malt from Alexander Murray for an additional year. There’s no age statement on the final product, which suggests it’s probably on the younger side.

Firestone Walker and Alexander Murray, an independent Scottish distillery that wondered what might happen if whiskey barrels used to mature beer were then used to further mature some single-malt scotch whiskey. And thus, a year later, we received a bottle of the resulting collaboration: Polly’s Casks, named after Polly Firestone Walker herself—the woman who linked together Adam Firestone and David Walker to make one of our favorite breweries a reality.

Alexander Murray & Co. has come together in collaboration with Firestone Walker Brewing Co. has come together to make Polly’s Casks Scotch Whisky. They have taken a single malt Scotch whisky and have it finished in bourbon barrels that has been used to age California wines that are made from barley, and stouts. The result is Polly’s Casks Scotch Whisky. It has a nice subtle hint of grapefruit, chocolate, and wonderful grainy notes. It has a nice medium finish that leaves you with a taste of over-ripe citrus fruits.