Plantation Dark Overproof 1L


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Plantation Original Dark Overproof Rum

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Plantation Dark Overproof

1 Liter

Designed with power, tasted with pleasured and pushed to the edge, that’s the Plantation Cark Overproof: Easily mixed, strongly sipped The Plantation Dark Overproof is one that is a true rum that will sit you down if you don’t know how to act like a lady or speak like a gentleman.


Relax and take you time, a true rum needs its space to give the best results, let the strength settle into its space. The Dried Banana, marmalade, caramel, and the delicious scents of fall spices cloves vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar and a dash or two of pepper make it that much more appealing


Fiery, Fruity with the almost dried fruits Banana, marmalade, coconut, peaches, melon, higher on the vanilla and bringing back in the fall spices. It is a STRONG RUM but a good one


On Fire!! The Vanilla stays its course from the nose straight through taking its highs and lows but remaining intact, the sweetness carries a nice wood spice through and holds a long finish that is thoroughly enjoyable.


It’s a rough ride – you can do it and do it well but the fire stays true, throw in a cube and two or three swirls later the palate is much more accepting. Either way, I am still going to recommend it.

A nice addition to a mixer, the strength is never lost, its strength continues to shine brightly through a good rum and coke. A gentleman remains always a gentleman..