Plantation Rum Grand Reserve 5 Year


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Plantation Grande Reserve Barbados 5 Year Rum

Plantation Barbados 5 Year Rum

A young rum that is out there playing with the big boys and playing hard. She is sweet, tantalizing and bold when she needs to be, careful she still hold a bit of spice and may sneak up on you no one’s saying much on that end.

Nose: Sweet baking treats caramel, toasted coconut, wood related vanilla is quickly followed by hints of banana and pineapple

Palate: A combination that is wickedly wild and pleasing the flavors keep coming as the bourbon relaxes. Hold it for a moment longer or a rest period and it bursts into another life. The initial tastes present themselves with the sweetness of caramel and orange peel that turn to their spices of pepper, nutmeg cloves the return of the vanilla and onto their beautiful fruits banana pineapple and tid bits of citrus. I cannot help but wonder if it is an elegant dessert that I am enjoying along with my rum. Either way, it is light and pleasant, and I am not pushing it away. They all blend and there is nothing that is setting it apart with an eww factor.

Finish: The rum has a nice medium length finish that, of course, has a sweet and bit of spice and banana, pineapple, and a touch of citrus touch to it.

It is a fine Barbados rum that has a five-year-old age to it. Let it learn and age. However, at its age right now, I would consider it an absolute genius along the rum lines and one that you want to have in your collection and not just for the one that comes over just to drink up your top line. I just might give that one something else.

It is easily affordable and it should not be.


  • Take it as an excellent mixer for those moments when you want an exemplary Rum and Coke
  • Makes for a nice tropical mixing rum


    • Palatable on the rocks slight sweetness adds to the desirability
    • It is definitely one worth keeping on hand at all times.