Plantation 3 Stars White 1L


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Plantation 3 Stars Jamaica Barbados Trinidad White Rum

Plantation 3 Stars Jamaica Barbados Trinidad White Rum

You could say sample a great White Rum that could double as a sipper but you would only be lying to yourself. The lie would be a definite from the start with sample. For the only sample is what would be left at the bottom of the bottle. Yes it is that real, smooth and delicious!

Nose: Imagine the beaches and summer fun wafting through the air- tropical fruits blend with sugarcane and citrus fruits hints of caramel—let it sit too long and the Bajjan and Jamaican rum bring on some of their light and rough scents from the still- not enough to overpower the tropics but just enough to let you know what you could be in for- long term related.

Palate: An interesting mix of oblivion comes into play. The explosion scents and flavors identified in the nose become transparent on the palate with the addition of the mint and candy cotton. It a delicious light, soft and sweet vanilla swirl that moves it along with a bit of a sucker hit of heat.

Finish: Take it for a walk- longer than most smoother than silk pie, and full of flavor- candy flavored, delicious, sipped or mixed is your choice, but mine is as long as I am not forced to share I am good.

The three stars are selling themselves a bit short with only 3 stars. For sure, they are being modest.