Pierde Almas 9 Botanicals 750m


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Pierde Almas +9 Botanicals Mezcal

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Pierde Almas +9 Botanicals Mezcal

At a time when history and liquor crash into a flaming inferno and come out with flavor, you will know the Pierde Almas +9 Botanicals has been not only born but experienced.

The making of the nine botanicals of Gin are marinated for twenty-four additional hours and distilled for a third time, the creator, distiller and none other than the visionary Jonathan Barbieri sees this process as a way to break the mold of tradition. The right to allow other flavors to step forward and lay claim to their once hidden territories was in the here in now, the infusion by Jonathan Barbieri created them.

It is your choice or their choice on whether you chose to dance with the creator, shake hands with the maker, do the twist, Jive, hang at the dive or just sit in the parlor by the fire and act like a true lady and gent.

At the end of fine evening, the best flavors and experiences of the Pierde Almas 9 Botanicals and the history of being the first Gin to meet the markets in the States will have already been accomplished and long been passed.