Petrus Gouden Tripel Ale 750ml


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Petrus Gouden Tripel Ale

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Petrus Gouden Tripel Ale

Triple Style, which means that the brewer used three times the normal amount of malt to brew this higher alcohol ale. Pale in color, as a true triple is supposed to be, this mild and easygoing beer offers a flowery hoppy taste with a soft alcohol punch. The balance between the hop-bitterness and the malt-sweetness is perfect and leaves a smooth mouthfeel. The creamy head absorbs never ending bubbles from the deep golden colored body of the beer.

Petrus is of course the Latin name for Saint Peter. As with so many Belgian beers, the name of an Abbey or a Saint is used. People honored the Saints with a good beer. In fact, the Abbeys brewed beer for the surrounding village and named the beer after the patron Saint of their church. Priests and monks have always promoted good beer to save the people from the diseases looming in drinking water. Triples were mostly reserved for the Abbots and the Bishops. They knew what was good, and kept the best for themselves. Today, Triples are available for everybody with a taste for the best.

Food Pairing: Petrus Triple can be savored as an aperitif before any meal, or as dessert. You can drink the PETRUS triple with the better Entrees, be it fish, meat or vegetarian. The flavors and aromas of the finest gourmet creations will be accentuated by this smooth rich golden beer. Cheers.