Penelope Toasted Series Bourbon 750ml


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Penelope Toasted Series Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Imagine sitting at an intimate jazz club, the air alive with the sound of a serendipitous melody. That’s what it’s like to savor a glass of Penelope Toasted Series Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Each bottle is a one-of-a-kind experience, a unique blend of flavors that came together by the happy accident of toasting and char.

At its core, this bourbon is a testimony to the art of unpredictability. After a full maturation in charred new American oak barrels, we give it a finishing touch in a freshly toasted barrel. The toasting process adds layers of complexity, introducing deep notes of vanilla that enrich our signature four-grain profile.


Rich caramel & vanilla

Bold on the palate with notes of marshmallow & vanilla

Long savory finish that leaves a nice hug