Pendleton We've Got Your 6 Military Whisky


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Pendleton We've Got Your 6 Military Whisky

Pendleton We've Got Your 6 Military Canadian Whisky

We’ve got your six with our newest limited edition bottle. This succulent Pendleton we've got your 6 whiskey has been crafted to honor the brave men and women who protect the American way of life. Share it with a favorite veteran, or enjoy it yourself to celebrate freedom.

Pendleton Whisky is proud to once again support the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which provides assistance to military veterans and their families. We’ve Got Your 6 is our limited edition whisky bottle dedicated to military members that serves as a testament to their commitment and sacrifice.

We've Got Your 6! - means "we've got your back" and it's an enduring commitment that our service members and veterans bring to each other and to our country. A promise of camaraderie and support on the battlefield and beyond. Pendleton Whiskey and the Bob Woodruff Foundation have teamed up to provide that meaningful long-term support to our veterans and their families with challenges they face after service. Together, we've got your 6.