Peligroso Silver 42 375ml


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Peligroso Silver 42 Tequila

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Peligroso Tequila Silver 42

Intial razor edge split between deep, rich roasted agave and enticing heat. This silver has full bodyfollowed by sublte hints of spice, white pepper, and lemongrass on the finish. Peligroso Tequila Silver, 42% Alcohol Volume, 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila, grown and harvested on a private estate in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Peligroso Tequila, which translates to dangerous, stands for everything about Mexico and its coveted spirit, Tequila. Each Peligroso bottle is corked and numbered by hand, to certify it authenticity. The cork is a unique three-piece design made up of a natural cork stopper, real stained wood top and antiqued coin medallion. Peligroso is the first brand to offer three separate types of glass to further distinguish the unique character of each type of Tequila. The Silver uses a crystal clear flint glass to reflect the purity of the juice. The Reposado uses a rustic finished glass to give more of an antiqued look to match the golden aged nature of the juice. Lastly, the Anejo is bottled in a sleek and mysterious satin black glass bottle that alludes to the complex layers and undertones of the long aged Tequila.