Peligroso Reposado 42 375ml


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Peligroso Tequila Reposado 42

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Peligroso Tequila Reposado 42

Reposado is aged 6-8 months in Tennessee oak barrels and bottled in a rustic finished glass to give more of an antiqued look to match the pale amber-gold appearance. The nose exhibits creamy notes of vanilla and caramel, along with orange zest, cocoa, and spices. The taste begins with a short agave bite, which quickly gives way to long-lasting layered flavors of light citrus, dark chocolate, caramel, vanilla, cashew nuts, black pepper, and baking spices. The finish is long, warm and delicious. Well-balanced, with a silky body, Peligroso Reposado makes delicious cocktails and is a remarkably easy sipper.