Patron Extra Anejo 7yr 750ml


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Patrón Extra Anejo 7 Year Tequila

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Patrón Extra Anejo 7 Year Tequila

An exceptional tequila. A tequila that is exceptionally limited, precious and rare. Patrón Extra Anejo 7 year comes to you presented in replica bottles which echo the very first Patrón hand-blown glass bottles with their glass and cork stoppered bottles.

Patron Extra Anejo 7 years has spent this time until coming of age in quiet contemplation, where inside French oak casks as the seasons changed, the wood hand changing temperatures have allowed their character and temperament to enrich, add flavor and character to the tequila inside.

When bottled, it has reached a color warmth, glowing bright amber with intense woody aromas, layered with the sweetness of dried fruits. Vanilla, light butter and caramel fragrances too joined by notes that are rich and earthy.

The mouthfeel is velvet smooth, sweet, and exquisitely woody. Dried fruit, with bright fresh zingy citrus, softened with caramel and soft vanilla.