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Partida Reposado Blanco Tequila Gift Set

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Partida Tequila Gift Set

Award winning Partida Tequila's are unparalleled for their smoothness which is largely created by the unique methods by which they are cooked and produced.

But before this stage the Blue Agave, is grown in the shadows of a dormant volcano in the Tequila Valley, where is is tended for between 7 and 10 years until the plants soul 'la piña', comes to sugar-laden maturity. Once harvested it is cooked in stainless steel ovens ensuring that, unlike when cooked in traditional clay ovens, no sootiness is imparted which might otherwise effect the ultra smooth cleanliness of spirit.

If not already extra special, it becomes ever more so by being aged in oak casks that once (and only once) aged famous Jack Daniels.

This beautifully presented gift set combines 750ml of Partida Resporado, aged 50% longer than required, with a smaller 375ml bottle of Partida Blanco.

Partida’s Reposado is deliciously sweet and succulent, incredibly smooth on the palate, the flavor is rich with subtle layers of vanilla, hazelnut and almonds with a finish that is sublime and, dare we even say it, other worldly?

Partida’s Blanco is aromatic. Florals meld together, intertwined with hints of citrus and tropical fruits and fragrant wild herbs. It is smooth to the taste, yet crisp and fresh. After the glass is emptied, it lingers well on the palate leaving you with an understanding that is is not only an original, but nothing short of utterly remarkable.

OK, it's a gift set, but who says it can't be a gift you buy for yourself?