Papa's Pilar Blonde Rum 750ml


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Papa's Pilar Blonde Rum

Ernest Hemingway relished adventure, living his life to the max. Through the power of the written word he gave us glimpses of worlds we could only ever dream of. By bringing us along on his adventures his words stitching together a rich tapestry of color describing distant mysterious cultures. He visited them frequently whilst sailing aboard in his cruiser, Pilar, a boat he'd bought in 1934.

Hand-selecting rums from Hemingway's favored Caribbean, Florida, and Central America, Papa's Pilar Blonde rum follows in his footsteps. It is in true pioneering spirit, the first ever Blonde rum which is a blended fluid tapestry, as rich as his words. Aged over time in both bourbon and port wine barrels, it is finished in Spanish sherry casks creating a spirit that is exceptionally smooth, perfect neat or mixed.

Preparing to sail, the nose rounds out the sails with citrus notes of key lime, grapefruit and mandarin with tones of vanilla and oak faintly fragrant with almond.

As you set yourself gently adrift the creamy textured liquid caresses. Its buttery vanilla flavour is layered softly with juicy mangoes, zesty orange peel and a hint of pineapple. As the waves take our further from shore you are anchored by a clean finish that retains its smoothness, delivering again that almond nuttiness.