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Orphan Barrel Lost Prophet Bourbon 22 Year

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Orphan Barrel Lost Prophet 22 Year

The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Company in Tullahoma, Tennessee has a passionate goal; to rescue and share with the world some of the legendary and hidden away casks of whiskey that had been laying, almost forgotten about, in rick houses and distilleries across America. Their quest is forever ongoing as they adventure in the search for these undiscovered rarities and once found, they hand bottle these whiskies with tender care.

For enthusiasts and collectors, these extraordinary whiskies are like hidden treasure, they are never to be repeated, only ever available once.

This is true of Lost Prophet Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey unearthed from a corner of the Stitzel-Weller rick house which first opened in 1933 by the Van Winkle family in the suburb of Shively, Louisville, Kentucky where it had been resting quietly for 22 long years in charred American White Oak Barrels.

Poured, it is softly spoken with a sweet honey fragrance laced with delicate apricot, dried fruit and clove.Full bodied silky and smooth to the taste, spiced vanilla is delivered with rich fruitcake and just a touch of leather. It concludes with a long and sweet woodsmoke finish.

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