Ommegang Witte Wheat Ale 750ml


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Ommegang Witte Wheat Ale 750ml

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Ommegang Witte Wheat Ale 750ml

Ommegang Witte Ale
Ommegang Witte is our take on a Belgian-white, or Witbier. Adhering closely to traditional ingredients and flavor profiles, Witte proved its worth at the 2008 World Beer Cup by capturing Silver in its category amongst the best in the world. Initially the first Ommegang beer available on draft, Witte is now featured as the Summer Seasonal in our featured-seasonal draft rotation. Though available for year-round enjoyment in 750 ml and 12 oz bottles, summer is the ideal time to enjoy a Witte draft at your favorite warm weather, draft beer destinations.


High, white, fluffy summer clouds. A soft breeze through a citrus grove. A heavenly bite of orange chiffon cake. All of these come to your mind as you lift our pale golden wheat ale to your lips. It's so soft, so light on your tongue, you think, as the tart lemon, bitter orange, and subtle spiciness of coriander arrive to round out the intriguing delicacy of this delicious ale. You smile, knowing you have more in the fridge.

Witte is brewed with malted and unmalted wheat, barley malt, a light hops addition and spiced with sweet orange peel and coriander. Though adding a slice of citrus fruit is common while enjoying a wheat or Wiess beer, we feel that Witte's gentle spicing and slight tartness renders the fruit superfluous.
Here's to Summer...

Try Ommegang Witte with:
a picnic with light summer foods, appetizers, salads, and barbeques. Or while sitting on the beach, watching clouds drift by.

"Wonderfully cloudy, exceedingly pale, and with a fast, noisy head, this beer gets off to a good start. The invitation of the aromatics gathers strength from the delightful spice package, culminating with the traditional low-level tartness on the palate and spicy notes as it glides down one’s throat. A fine breakfast beer to fortify one for the rigors of mowing the lawn."
FRED ECKHARDT lives, writes about and drinks beer in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of The Essentials of Beer Style and Sake (USA). He is also Senior Writer for All About Beer Magazine.

"This beer comes in Ommegang’s handsome cork-finished bottle, and pours a very pale hazy gold with an almost greenish tinge. The head is fluffy and white, and the aroma shows orange peel, pasta, and a whiff of coriander. On the palate, the beer is soft and dry, with subtle muted spices and a nice wheaty tang in the finish... An excellent rendition of one of my favorite beer styles. Perfect with a goat cheese omelet."
GARRETT OLIVER is an internationally recognized brewer and expert on traditional beer styles. He is also brewmaster for the Brooklyn Brewery and author of The Brewmaster’s Table.


(2007-10-27 18:32:02)
• I received a bottle of this from a good friend on my 50th birthday. I waited a week to try it and I enjoyed it this evening with a frosty mug watching the squirels in the front yard and the oak leaves fall. REFRESHING perfect Saturday eve.

(2007-09-28 21:59:07)
• I love all of your beers. It's very refreshing to see an American brewery doing things the right way! Very complex, yet refreshing brews. Each has it's perfect place and time. Thank You!

(2007-09-23 23:22:45)
• Glad to have distribution here in Louisville Ky. You're ales are fantastic. The Witte ale is especially true to it's style. Light, but confident. Malty sweet, yet yeasty and mildly spicy from the wheat malt. A fine example and another traditional masterpiece from an outstanding brewer. Enjoy your succeses! Cheers from the Bluegrass.

(2007-05-16 11:37:18)
• What is there to say about this beer? It is true to a traditional style wheat ale. The head is nice and airy. Subtle spice and citrus flavors. The perfect summer beer!

(2006-06-02 08:28:57)
• Dear Ommegang, After returning from many years living in Europe, I've been starved for fresh tasting, quality beer. I just tried your Witte, and boy was I impressed. Thanks for filling the void! Best regards, David Brandwein

(2005-09-21 20:53:46)
• I just had my first bottle of Ommegang Witte and was mildly surprised at how crisp and refreshing it was. Congratulations on a fine ale. I will be purchasing many more bottles. thanks J Collin Towers Studio e Atlanta, GA