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Ommegang Duvel Rustica

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Ommegang Duvel Rustica

Duvel Rustica is our American farmhouse interpretation of Duvel Golden Ale, renowned worldwide as the finest Belgian Golden Ale. Like Duvel, our ale begins with a perfect balance of fine malts and noble hops, then undergoes fermentation with Ommegang's proprietary yeast.

Duvel Rustica is a richly flavorful and aromatic brew with the depth and complexity of the finest Belgian ales. Enjoy the alluring flavors and aromas, fine carbonation, full body, hazy rustic golden hue, fluffy white head and dry, warming finish.

The Belgian Golden Strong Ale is a style that was first developed and popularized by the Moortgat Brewery of Belgium in an attempt to lure drinkers from mass produced light lagers back to traditional strong Belgian beers. Moortgat's effort in this area resulted in the beer called Duvel ("Devil") which is still popular to this day.

Belgian Strong Golden Ales can resemble Belgian Tripels in many ways due to their golden color and crisp finish, though they are normally a bit crisper, drier and lighter in color

Brewery Ommegang and Duvel Moortgat are celebrating the release of a long-anticipated collaboration brew named Duvel Rustica. The new beer is a Belgian-style Golden Ale of 8.5% ABV and, like the iconic Duvel Golden Ale, is brewed with fine pils malts and hopped with noble Styrian Golding hops from Slovenia. The collaboration captures the delicate balance of the classic Duvel Belgian Golden Ale - one of the world’s most exalted beers - and adds a touch of the typical rustic fruitiness enhancing every Ommegang ale. This distinctive touch is created by using Ommegang’s proprietary yeast for primary fermentation. The secondary fermentation yeast is also quite interesting, but remains secret.