Ommegang Abbey Dubbel 750ml


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Ommegang Abbey Ale Belgian Dubbel

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Ommegang Belgian Abbey Ale

Ommegang Abbey Ale
Meditate on this dark ruby elixir. Breathe in its deep emanations of fruit and spice. Is that clove you smell? Licorice? Fig? Sip serenely as revelations of honey, toffee, chocolate and dark dried fruit delight your senses. Can a beer be holy? you wonder, and Where can I get a grail on-line?

Ommegang, our first brew, was inspired by the centuries-old brewing practices of the Belgian Trappist monks. This burgundian brew gives off a variety of aromas, including plum and cinnamon, and packs in flavors such as caramel, toffee, and licorice. At 8.5% abv, it is known to cause spontaneous meditation.
Try Ommegang with:
savory dishes, meats, slow-cooked French dishes made with pork, lamb, rabbit, beef, carbonnades, hotchpot, marinated roasts, barbeque, rich cheeses, almost every dessert.


(2007-11-11 18:03:25)
• the best beer I have ever tasted, truly heaven in a bottle!

(2007-11-03 20:32:54)
• Simply put, this is a fantastic beer that deserves to be enjoyed and savored....

(2007-10-05 17:34:44)
• I can't WAIT to try the Chocolate Indulgence! Three Philosophers and the Abbey Ale are staples in my fridge.

(2007-08-28 16:01:13)
• I am not a beer drinker...but I am NOW...thanks to Ommegang! This is the only beer i would or will ever drink. It's the finest or beers -- like the highest regarded wine or champagne, it's in a class all by itself! Nothing else like it on earth!! Thank you for brewing these materpieces, and please don't ever stop!

(2007-07-20 22:25:20)
• First try of Ommegang; Omme God! A beautiful Belgian Ale! I would be a Monk in your Abbey anytime! Obviously, your first holds a certain place in your heart. I look forward to tasting your other Ales.

(2007-06-05 21:52:46)
• A friend brought me a case of Ommegang from New York. It was fantastic! The taste was remarkable, very tasty. Even my wife who is a novice beer drinker loved it and the buzz ain't too shabby either! Mudbone

(2007-05-15 20:15:10)
• I love this beer! stands head to head with the best Belgium ales. Maybe better... So many wonderful flavors in one bottle.. don't change a thing

(2007-04-28 22:28:11)
• Dang...Ommegang! That is the real deal. I feel like a piece of Belgium is just a short drive away, at my local fine-beer store. Can't wait to try some of your other offerings.

(2007-02-27 11:13:53)
• Bravo!! Ommegang Abbey is nothing short of incredible. My only wish is that it came in a mini-keg. Imagine that - mini-keg fermentation!!! Cheers!! Scott Ray Kings Park New York

(2007-02-04 00:31:50)
• yes, great beer. ya'll could not have described it better.

(2006-12-05 22:53:42)
• I have never craved anything more in my life than I crave this beer. Perfection has been achieved!