Old Ripy Bourbon Whiskey 375ml


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Old Ripy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Old Ripy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Sit back and relax with one of Kentucky’s oldest whiskeys, Old Ripy. Created in 1868, Old Ripy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is produced in the heart of Anderson County alongside the Wild Turkey Distillery. This rich whiskey is true to its roots, keeping the original bottles, labels, and recipe intact for generations.

Born in Bourbon’s heartland in 1868, Old Ripy was created by Irish immigrant James Ripy and continued to be made in Lawrenceburg, KY, on the site of where the current Wild Turkey Distillery stands today, up until 1950. Back then, the Ripy family was ubiquitous in Anderson County’s bustling distilling community. They had opened several distilleries in the area, which remained in the family for generations. T.B. Ripy IV and Tom Ripy, the great grandson and great great grandson of T.B. Ripy, advised throughout the project on packaging and liquid development – calling upon original bottlings, brochures, and family stories to help us recreate what we can honestly say is the closest representation of the original Old Ripy brand possible.