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Old Forester Limited Edition Single Malt Birthday

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Old Forester Limited Edition Single Malt Birthday

On September 2nd each year, America’s first bottled bourbon company, Old Forester, release a limited edition single malt called Birthday, which commemorates the birthday of its founder, George Garvin Brown.

All of their whiskeys are created using time honored production methods, and this extra special edition Old Forester Birthday, is handcrafted, selected carefully by Master Distiller Chris Morris, from a single day’s production. It is one of a kind, utterly unique, a never to be repeated, small batch bourbon. Presented in an 1800’s decanter styled bottle, it lists the dates of both its barreling, and bottling.

Old Forester Birthday 2014 showcases the enchanting flavors of the vanilla bean, and is laced with caramelized oak from the cask. It is layered throughout with warm spices and a pleasing, subtle nuttiness. The nose is rich, robust and voluptuous. It coats the tongue and the finish lingers on, comfortingly wrapping you in layers of delicious warmth.