Old Bardstown 90 Proof Bourbon Whiskey


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Old Bardstown 90 Proof Bourbon Whiskey

Old Bardstown Bourbon Whiskey

An excellent choice for a first-time bourbon drinker, Old Bardstown is aged in new oak barrels. The smooth finish makes this dram an easy to drink whiskey that goes down with ease. It has the flavor profile you'd expect with caramel, oak, vanilla and floral notes.

The Old Bardstown Bourbon pays homage to a handicapped racehorse from the 1950s. Bardston (the racehorse) won 31 career starts despite its hip and ankle problems. The bourbon is made of a mash of corn which has been crushed before getting fermented with limestone water. It has an auburn-red color with a unique mint scent reminiscent of single malt scotch. Its finish is medium-long with a touch of fresh herbs, spice and oak.