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Ninkasi Imperial Stout Ground Control

Ninkasi Imperial Stout Ground Control

For a truly out of this world beer guzzling experience you should consider making your next mission a purchase of unique and very limited edition Ninkasi Imperial Stout Ground Control.

Released by Oregan based explorers Ninkasi Brewing Company, Ground Control sets out to prove beyond doubt that were beer creation is concerned, the sky very definitely is not the limit.

Following their first failed space mission, in October of 2014 six new vials of their carefully selected and packaged Brewers Yeast were rocket launched into orbit, reaching an altitude of 77.3 miles. Once safely returned to earth these precious vials were cold-transported back to Ninkasi’s lab. Beer Scientists propagated and tested it before it was used to ferment in the creation of Ground Control; the first ever space travelling trully galactic beer.

Created from out of this world ingredients so that Mankind can explore new and far off territories Ground Control has been brewed with Oregon hazelnuts, star anise and cocoa nibs, sweetly finessed with hops varietals Apollo, Bravo and Comet and malted with 2-Row Pale, Black, Chocolate, Munich, Crystal, Honey, Special Roast, and Peated.

Deeply rich and complex its wonderful aromas, taste and flavour, will launch your taste buds into orbit. Never fear, Ground Control has you covered. It will fare well over time and in space.