New Riff Kentucky Wild Gin 750ml


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New Riff Kentucky Wild Gin

Step off the beaten path and into a world of untamed flavors with New Riff's Kentucky Wild Gin. Made in the heart of the Ohio Valley, our gin captures the wild essence of Kentucky like no other. Twelve carefully selected botanicals—ranging from traditional European gin stalwarts like angelica, orris, and licorice root to the vibrant burst of three kinds of citrus—create a gin that's both complex and invigorating.

But that's not all. We elevate the experience by adding two specially foraged wild seasonings, handpicked by local farmers, to impart a flavor that's authentically Kentucky. Every drop of our gin is distilled right in the pot, ensuring that the full spectrum of flavors and aromas are perfectly captured.


Classic gin botanicals with unique American allspice(spicebush) accents.

Spicy-dry botanical notes backed with Rye New Make richness.

Lively, gripping citrus-spice notes with balanced juniper.

This non-chill-filtered gin preserves all the flavor and aroma from our copper pot still. It may cloud slightly when chilled. This is not only natural, it is delicious.