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New Belgium Hop Kitchen

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New Belgium Hop Kitchen Hoppy Bock


A German-style springtime lager brewed with rye then loaded with Hallertauer, Perle and Fuggle hops for a spicy, earthy aroma. This Hoppy Bock Lager offers a medium body and slightly sweet malt character perfect for your spring hop-fling.

Beer Facts:
Birthdate:                 January, 2013                                
ABV:                        6.9%                                
IBU:                         70                                
Calories:                   200                                
Hops:                       Nugget, Hallertauer, Perle, Fuggle                                
Malts:                       Rye, Melanoiden, Munich, Goldpils Vienna                                 
Body:                       Medium-Light                                
Aroma:                     Clearly a lager with some crisp lager-like aromas. The hops contribute noble grassy, spicy, and herbal, but there is also fruit, from the specialty malts.                                 
Mouthfeel:                Smooth and lingering, with a crisp touch at the end.                                 
Flavor:                     Lightly sweet, with a smooth, clean, and mellow bitterness. Well-balanced.                                
Visual:                     Clear with slight hop haze. Hay in the sunshine with thin head and lacing.