Myers's Original Dark Rum


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Myers's Original Dark Rum

Myers's Original Dark Rum

When you want a rum that is unique and full of great flavor, you can do no better than Myers's Original Dark Rum.

This one-of-a-kind rum is actually a combination of nine different original rums that are all different ages.

These combinations add variety and a unique quality to the Myers's Original Dark Rum. All of the rums are Jamaica-style rums and are pot-distilled.

This rum has a deep molasses flavor and aroma as well as hints of sweets and ripe dark fruits like raisins and apples.

While Myers's Original Dark Rum is a deep, dark rum, it actually has a nice mellow finish that makes it a delight to drink on any occasion.

Notes of blackstrap molasses, hints of coffee, celery, allspice, hazelnut, and toffee with a subtle layer of ripe pineapple.

Buttery upon entry and followed by sweet sugar cane, caramel, tobacco, leather, honey, dark chocolate with elements of raisin and fig. The finish has a decadent dark chocolate character with brown sugar and smokiness with underlying oak notes.