Mother Earth Hop Diggity IIPA


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Mother Earth Hop Diggity Double IPA

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Mother Earth Hop Diggity Double IPA

Do you remember your first “HOP DIGGITY!” moment? It’s like the shot heard around the world huh? You remember exactly where you were, what you were doing, what it tasted like…mmmm…what it tasted like. And the smell…ohh the smell. That punch you in the nose, grassy yet delicately floral intense aroma that makes you jump into the air wherever you are and scream to the world no matter who hears you or how silly you look…HOP DIGGITY!

This is a Pilsner based Imperial India Pale Ale with massive hoppiness. A lingering bitterness and full hop flavor throughout the palate creates a lasting impression. Bittered with Warrior and dry hopped with copious amounts of Falconer’s Flight and Nelson, this brew gives off just the right combination of floral notes and tropical fruit.

8.1% ABV