Mother Earth Auld Knucker 22oz


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Mother Earth Auld Knucker

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Mother Earth Auld Knucker IPA

“Sometimes there is nothing like a simple, refreshing, single American-style India Pale Ale…especially the West Coast variety. In a world of over-complicated beers and brewing extremity, Auld Knucker (pronounced Old Nucker) stands out by using a simple grain bill of domestic Pale 2-Row, crystal malt, and a bit of honey malt, paired with a citrusy hop combo.

So what the heck is an Auld Knucker? Well in medieval times, the Knucker was the infamous water dragon that wreaked havoc on local farming communities by consuming livestock and even villagers! This soothing serum was concocted to tame the savage beast. Are you gonna slay a dragon after drinking this? Probably not. But you’ll definitely be breathing fire!”

7% ABV