Moonshine Ole S Lemon Drop


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Moonshine Ole Smoky Lemon Drop

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Moonshine Ole Smoky Lemon Drop

Ole Smoky Distillery is a corn whiskey distillery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It opened the weekend of July 4, 2010. Their downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee facility features two working copper stills. Visitors are able see the distilling process up close while learning about the history of moonshine production in the Smoky Mountains.

Products offered include a traditional corn whiskey, a six times distilled "White Lightning," Moonshine Cherries, Apple Pie, peach, blackberry, and seasonal flavors such as blueberry, grape, hunch punch, pink lemonade, strawberry, and lemon drop. Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine products are sold in a traditional Mason-style jar. The distillery uses a 100-year-old family recipe, which was perfected with the help of Dave Pickerell, who served as the Master Distiller for Maker's Mark for over 15 years. The ingredients are locally sourced.