Moonshine Corn Whiskey 750ml


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Moonshine Corn Whiskey

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Moonshine Corn Whiskey

The Original MOONSHINE Whiskey is an 80 proof clear corn whiskey hand-crafted using a unique, all-natural, gluten-free recipe. The Original MOONSHINE Whiskey is distilled four times in Prohibition-era copper pot stills and charcoal-filtered at the Stillhouse Distillery, creating a pure, smooth and tasteful whiskey. The Original MOONSHINE Whiskey is recommended with a drizzle of water to open up its unique, sweet corn palate and fresh corn husk nose. The Original MOONSHINE Whiskey can also be served on the rocks or as an ingredient in a variety of unique cocktails since it's very versatile.

Original Moon Shine Corn Whiskey Moonshine is a clear corn whiskey that is distilled from fermented corn mash. When aged for two years it becomes Bourbon Whiskey. The fresh corn whiskey is Moonshine and is consumed without aging. Moonshine has a reputation far and wide as a clean, clear and potent liquor. West Virginia Moonshine is particularly renowned for its crisp, clear, taste. Until now, Moonshine has been hard to find. Almost all of it was distilled in the back woods, away from the prying eyes of tax revenue officers out to stop the illegal business of non-tax paid whiskey.