Monkey Paw Rich Man's IIPA 16


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Monkey Paw Rich Man's IIPA

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Monkey Paw Rich Man's IIPA

The Rich Man’s Double IPA – fitting for tax season – was the first to be released, early this February. This American IIPA is everything you would expect, with a surprisingly nice balance between hops and malt – a rare find among this category of beers. The beer itself is a beautiful copper color with a nice white head. The aroma is grassy with notes of citrus and sweet malt and the flavor is chock full of hops with a bitterness that's not too intense. The beer also exhibits a nice piney resin quality that makes the beer more complex than others I have tasted. This IIPA is fairly high in ABV at 8.7%, which is typical of its kind and will have you feeling right after just a couple.

ABV: 8.7%