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Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial

Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial is the only champagne ever made that was designed to be enjoyed on ice on a hot day. This new champagne is a mixture of fun, fresh, and free sensations while sticking to the traditions of the Moet and Chandon style. The style of this champagne consists of a bright fruitfulness, an attractive and tempting palate, and a graceful and stylish maturity. The color of this champagne is deep gold with amber highlights. This champagne also has distinctive and pleasant smells.

The distinctive and pleasant smells of this champagne are of tropical fruits (like guava and mango), fruits that have a pit in them (like nectarines), and a note of raspberry. The palate has a broad, fleshy, and voluptuous flavor of fresh fruit salad, the captivating sweetness of caramel and quince jelly, and the refreshing acidity of grapefruit and ginger notes. There are a lot of foods that can be made to serve with this champagne.

Many foods can be made to serve with this champagne. If a fruit is needed, then apricots, peaches, and strawberries can be served with it. When it comes to vegetables, asparagus will go well with this champagne. A butter or hollandaise sauce can be used to add flavor to any food served with this champagne. Appetizers can include caviar, canapes, and oysters. Cheeses that can go well with this champagne are Brie, Camembert, Gouda, Gruyere, Manchego, and Parmesan. Seafood that can be served with this champagne is crabs, lobster, and scallops. There are some fish that can be served with it as well.

Fish that will go fabulously with this champagne are sole, sushi, and smoked salmon. Main dishes that can be made to serve with this champagne are chicken, Chinese (especially Chinese seafood), Foie Gras, and turkey. Egg dishes like omelets go exceptionally well with this champagne. These foods will make this marvelous Moet champagne even more marvelous.